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35th President (2017~2018) ANN H. LEE

The 35th administration of KACPAwas started with three goals in mind. First was to preserve the legacy of the founding members and the predecessors of KACPA, Second, to maintain a mutually supportive relationship with the sponsors and partners; and Third and foremost, to provide a valuable membership to the existing and prospective members. In accomplishing the first goal, all existing programs were fully utilized, completed exactly as planned,and contributed to reinforcing the KACPA tradition of communication, support, and professional competency among members. In accomplishing the second goal, a close attention was given to the current issues and feedbacks of the sponsors, and the utmost effort was given in communicating and participating in sponsor events, regardless of its size. In accomplishing the third goal Member Benefit Chart was developed with an emphasis of the difference that the membership can make. Also, much efforts were exerted in clarifying the terms of the Bylaws, and a draft for amendment was presented in a hope for the heightened effectiveness for the future.


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