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38th President (2020~2021) JUSTIN C. OH

As a President, I faced unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Health risks and restrictions severely limited my ability to organize events that I envisioned. Despite these limitations, we launched a webinar platform for the first time in the KACPA history. The webinar platform offers CPE Seminars to CPAs in all states, and has transformed KACPA into a central hub that serves Korean CPAs not only in Southern California but all over the country.

I am also pleased to report that we reached another milestone when major Korean newspapers published articles from our CPA journal in their business sections for the first time. The publication of these articles has bolstered our reputation and significantly expanded our reach to the general public. Most importantly, they allow us to provide valuable education to the Korean readers in the country.

By utilizing a webinar platform, we offered live-broadcast of public tax seminars to Korean in all fifty U.S states, another first in the history of our organization. We have also launched a YouTube channel to engage with the general public.

Our continuous commitment to community service, particularly in challenging times, is affirmed by the fact that we conducted radio shows, offered public seminars, communicated changes in tax laws, and provided information about government grants and incentives to the Korean community. It seemed at first that the pandemic may disrupt our scholarship awards, but we forged ahead by rewarding students with tremendous scholastic potential. Even with the scholarship expenditure, we still produced a surplus budget to ensure that KACPA will have ample resources to fund its future programs and activities. It has been a great honor to serve this organization, and I am especially proud of our officers who worked hard and produced impressive results in the face of adversity. Their performance reflects their dedication and commitment to the organization. Thank you once again and please stay healthy!


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