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33rd President (2015~2016) BYUNG CHAN AHN

While maintaining and developing existing activities as well as confirming the identity of KACPA with its 33 year history, we were to focus on realistic and practical businesses rather than the exhibition of businesses. The following new jobs have been successfully completed with these goals in mind. First, we held the “Legacy Mixer” to expand our appreciation of senior members and past presidents and thank them for their dedication. The Legacy Mixer allowed us to formally confirm KACPA’s identity and enhance friendship among the members. Additionally, we designed and made the new KACPA logo, flag and condolences flag. We also newly enacted the “KACPA Society Funeral” for those members who have dedicated many years to KACPA and the community and completed the related regulations. As part of the KACPA activities for the Korean-American community, KACPA held the “Bankers and CPAs Forum.” The Forum provided KACPA members and bankers with the opportunity to share their experiences and information, as well as develop professional relationships. We also worked to restore the relationship between the Consulate General of Republic of Korea, Korea National Tax Services and KACPA, so as to have tax-related seminars for Korean Americans residing in Southern California. Furthermore, KACPA started delivering its weekly news to public on YTN FM Radio 100.3 HD2. Lastly, the 17th annual “KACPA Journal” was changed to include the subtitle of “공인회계사 (Gong-in Hoegae Sa),” which means “CPA” in Korean, and the Journal’s direction for readership was expanded to include all Korean people, as opposed to just members. By successfully completing the activities demanded by the society and the community, KACPA gained better recognition from community.


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