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36th President (2018~2019) JAMES M. CHA

This term was another growing year with positive changes for KACPA. We started with Community Tax Seminar with more than 100 public attendees, then the Professionals Golf Tournament with maximum players.

To meet the increasing expectations toward this respected professional organization, we held the Inauguration Ceremony at an upscale venue with European-inspired outdoor gardens located in Hollywood and shared great moments with nearly 300 attendees.

During this term, we drove forward with a clear focus on “New Member reach-out.” For this, we planned out the Hollywood Bowl Picnic, New Members Night, and the July Seminar as a Series. At the New Members Night event, many attended younger generation CPAs and candidates expressed appreciation for our interest toward them. The events for that theme continued to the Christmas Party, where we had a special recognition time for the New Members. With everyone’s efforts, our e-mails are now going out to about 60 more new members. This term, two-thirds of our Officers were newly-appointed.

We improved the quality of “CPE seminars” with practical yet in-depth topics and reaching out to renowned mainstream speakers.

Our Journal was upgraded with an enhanced format and adding a special edition to provide with the newly enacted TCJA tax reform and distributed timely at the Christmas Party.

Newsletters with photo gallery, upcoming events, and timely technical issues were published.

As for the KACPA scholarship award, an unprecedented number of students with outstanding academic performances from top-rated universities applied. Besides, all recipients were present at the ceremony.

KACPA Bylaws Amendment voting process was executed. Now, the 1st “Amended Bylaws” take full effect.

In Olympic tradition, it is symbolic for the selected runners to hand over the torch to the next runner. Over the past years, each President did a great job to deliver the torch to the next. I was greatly honored to carry it on to serve our members and the Korean-American Society.


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